Our multi- channel lead generation services are to help you in achieving targets because we create them in the most interesting way. We are a pioneer in the digital lead generation that brings in years of market experience. We keep your sales funnel full to help you prosper in the digital world.

With full focus on lead quality, Vehicle geeks ensures that your time and efforts go in a right direction i.e. to close the leads. Our years of experience in the industry and knowledge of advanced digital marketing technologies enables us to help you in scaling up your sales team to a marketing powerhouse. At in Vehicle geeks, we utilize our mastery of prospecting process over multiple channels like voice, emails, social, web, mobile etc.

At Vehicle geeks, we always take care of the transparency while working on lead generation. The optimization of the leads is done by mapping them to their source for better results.

Leads Qualification Process

Digital marketing generated leads are not always sales ready. Experts have to work on them to qualify the leads that can be converted into sales. Vehicle geeks saves your time and efforts by following a rigorous lead qualification process and ensures that your sales team gets the leads that can be closed easily. For this, we:

Check the size of the company and the number of employees
Target only the industries that match client requirements
Give preference to official contact details including email address and phone number
Carefully analyze the geographical location of the prospects
Target C-level contact persons like managing director, presidents, vice presidents, directors and business owners
Get in touch with the individual, who shows interest in the products or services
Focus on the recent leads generated in last 12 hours

Multi-Channel Solutions

Social Media

Email Marketing



Our Approach


At Biggie Mesh Media, we follow a completely different approach to generate leads and form strategies accordingly. Our strategy includes selection of right channels to reach out to the target prospects.


To ensure that you get only qualified leads, we tactfully target only the potential customers. Instead of wasting resources on the whole market, we just target the prospects to get better results.


Just generating lead is not enough to grow business. We nurture the converted leads and manage them effectively to help the clients track their success rate. It also helps them get to know more about the customers.


We score each lead and create a system to present a data for you to decide easily on what type of leads you and repeat for future sales. We have special software to make the process smooth and effective


After scoring, we take action in the form of a conversion. Once a customer has bought from your company, it is our responsibility to enrich the experience of an existing customer and retain them over time.


We create a measurable impact on the lead process by evaluation of lead generation process. At Vehicle geeks, we identify that where your leads are dropping off and then we attempt the steps to resolve the issue.