Email Marketing

Vehicle geeks is your one stop destination for all email marketing requirements ranging from database incorporation to newsletter services. In this highly disturbing online market, we design and launch email marketing campaigns that target your niche. From targeting the right audience to creating email campaigns and tracking the success rate, we do everything for you.

Email marketing is a little long in the tooth by modern marketing standards, but it is a critical part of successful digital marketing strategy. And especially when your business relies on ecommerce; a strategically targeted email campaign can help you promote your products through retargeting, and recover your sales, which were lost to abandoned online shopping carts. At Vehicle geeks, through email marketing, we send each person the perfect series of email to push messages based on their unique behavior.

At Vehicle geeks, the objective behind offering email marketing service is not just to deliver messages in the inbox of target audience but to increase your sales.

Thinking of buying an Email list

The online market is really very huge and every day hundreds of visitors land on your website. But the problem is that every visitor checking your website might not be the potential customer. All this makes email list building a really tough and time-consuming task.

At Vehicle geeks, we understand the importance of email list building for marketing of a business and help our clients save their time and efforts by providing them an email list. If you don’t have an email list and want to buy one to target right market segment, Vehicle geeks has the right solution for you. While collecting data for the email list, we keep in the mind that it helps you get more success with increased conversion rate.

Get everything you need for your next
Email Campaign


The team of experts and thoughtful considerations allow you to target genuine audience. This is how we save your time also because we value your precious time.


At Vehicle geeks, we have the expertise of deploying hundreds of email campaigns annually. This enables us perfectly understand your needs and provide right assistance.


Here we also take care of your privacy guidelines for your privacy factor. To ensure that your confidential information is safe with us, we strictly follow industry guidelines.


We use your own design or we choose one from our email template gallery to give you a magical design.


We ensure that all of your email addresses are spam free. To avoid wastage to time and efforts, we verify IP addresses of the selected email addresses.


We also take a complete track record of all your emails from sent to open. This is our secure online reporting service for a better experience.